Why buy a car if you can rent one, says Volvo.

Volvo has started yesterday it`s service “Care by Volvo” in Germany.

For one fixed monthly cost, with no down payment, you can have access to your own new Volvo car.

Insurance, tax, maintenance, servicing and repairs. You won’t have to deal with the nuts and bolts of car ownership.

Care by Volvo comes with a pre-arranged insurance policy, the car is picked up for service and will be returned even washed.

Care by Volvo gives you access to a concierge service. Your concierge is there to help you with your journey – from sending directions to your car’s navigation to booking a restaurant or hotel at your destination.

Check the status of your car from your phone, remind yourself where you’ve parked it, and even get shopping delivered straight to the load compartment. Connected Services – including the Volvo On Call app and an onboard internet connection – are all part of your Care by Volvo subscription.